Xoops Foundation LLC loses its civil lawsuit against Stichting XOOPS and Herko Coomans

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On april 21st 2010 the Court of Zwolle-Lelystad in The Netherlands ruled in the civil lawsuit that US-based Xoops Foundation LLC started against Stichting XOOPS (Dutch for XOOPS Foundation) and Herko Coomans, chairman of Stichting XOOPS and formerly an active volunteer in the international XOOPS community and the XOOPS.org website. In its ruling, the Court dismissed all claims of illegal activity of Stichting XOOPS and Herko Coomans as unproven by Xoops Foundation LLC, and sentenced Xoops Foundation LLC to pay due damages to Herko Coomans and Stichting XOOPS.