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Life, the Universe, and Everything! Digital technology touches everything, everywhere. Hi, I am Herko and here I write about what I think this means for me, for you and for us all.

Hi, I am Herko Coomans, and here I write about what the future might hold for us. I've always been facinated about how technology interacts with our world: how it changes the way we live, how we live and work together in our commmunities, how it drives change in society and culture, and for these past few years especially how it changes our health.

This is my personal site, and as such it doesn't necessarily reflect the views of my employer(s). These views and opinions are my own.

During the meanwhile

Taking control over my own data
9 January 2022
A lot of my work at the Ministry of Health focusses on empowering people/citizens/consumers/patients/experience experts/health professionals to be able to take control over their own (health) data. Now, that sounds like a noble cause, not something you’d disagree with on the face of it, but tricky to imagine the transition to a world where you do actually control your own