Partying with Róisín Murphy

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Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy (by Dennis Stempher)

Yesterday we went to a concert of Róisín Murphy in Amsterdam’s Heineken Music Hall. Róisín is the former Moloko singer. We saw her before twice: once as part of Moloko, and once as part of a Groove Armada concert. Both times she brought great energy and a tight performance to the stage, so our expectations and hopes were high.

The show started a bit slow and tame, like she didn’t really feel like performing but was doing so anyway. Still, her voice is flawless, her band is incredible, and her background singers are awesome, so even then it was still a good concert. Not great tho.


Then there was an awkward intermission, about a half hour into the show. This took over 5 minutes, during which some bits and pieces of music were played, and the band gathered to discuss -apparently. Because after the interlude she came back with a vengeance.

She left the commercial easy listening tunes for what they were, and played some of her new tracks. With a new energy, a new vibe, and an apparent love to perform them, she found the way into the hearts and ears of the crowd. Everybody on stage seemed to like this response to an experimental set, and they showed their appreciation by adding more and more energy and drama to the sounds and performance.

Dress up Diva

At one stage Róisín even dressed up in two intertwined inflatable dummies. Her stage dresses are stuff of legend already, as she changes clothes about 10 times during a show, one outfit even more extravagant then the other.

I was thinking that Stephen Fry should write a musical starring ms. Murphy. That would be cool 🙂

All in all an entertaining and a wee bit experimental show. We thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

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