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Trend speech 2013

The Trend Speech is an inspiring speech written by a dozen trend watchers in The Netherlands. I’m sharing the integral translation of the text for the 2013 edition right here, as I feel this should be shared as much as possible. I’m not associated or affiliated with these trendwatchers! Translation is done by Sylvie Dieteren, one of the trendwatchers involved.

This is again the third trend speech, a present of a temporary collective of 12 trendwatchers and forecasters for the Netherlands.
We would like to offer inspiration, show how the future unfolds itself and what we can do with it.

Read here the English version, translated by Sylvie Dieteren. The original, and all additional information can be found online at

TrendRede 2013
The past year was quite tumultuous. In October 2011, Occupy, you remember, took possession of a number of squares in cities all over the world. The media initially had no idea what to do with this, but we think that Occupy will be included in the history textbooks as a kind of start of a conversion.

Daily newspapers have been writing from different perspectives. All publications describe alternatives for our current economic and social systems and all types of citizens’’ initiatives continue and realize that things need to be done differently. The Netherlands slowly turns itself towards the future. If we can contribute to that with this trend speech, then we have reached our goal.

During the Meantime

Rachel Andrew’s excellent SmashingConf presentation on content management

Rachel Andrew -of Grab a Perch fame- held a very good talk at the Smashing Conference this year in Freiburg, a thought-provoking talk about content management. She talk about why and how Content Management Systems are often ‘abused’ to work as Website Management tools, instead of focussing what the users actually want and need: tools to create engaging content. This is her slide deck, I’m hoping Smashing will release a video or audio of her talk as well. Recommended reading!