Xoops Foundation LLC verliest rechtszaak tegen Stichting XOOPS en mijzelf

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Op 21 april 2010 heeft de rechtbank Zwolle-Lelystad vonnis uitgesproken in de civiele zaak die Xoops Foundation LLC heeft aangespannen tegen Stichting XOOPS en mijzelf. In het vonnis wijst de rechtbank alle eisen van Xoops Foundation LLC af, en veroordeelt hen tot het vergoeden van de proces- en advocaatkosten. Tevens wordt Xoops Foundation LLC door dit vonnis aansprakelijk gehouden voor de schade die is ontstaan door de onterechte beslaglegging op de tegoeden van de bankrekeningen van Stichting XOOPS en mijzelf.

My predictions for the Apple Tablet

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It’s only hours away, and thousands of people have talked and published about it already, but here’s my take on today’s event. Apple has a nice track record for shaking up entire industries by introducing new devices. It changed the way we buy and consume music with the iPod (arguably not the best music player in the field, and not …

Haiti toont failliet van onze democratie

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De aardbeving in Haiti doet veel mensen realiseren hoe betrekkelijk het leven is, op allerlei manieren. Een van de dingen die het voor mij weer eens duidelijk maakt, is hoe belachelijk de Nederlandse/Westerse hang naar een risicoloze samenleving is. Afschuiven van verantwoordelijkheid is de norm, en de politiek, media en maatschappij houden elkaar zo op een gênante wijze bezig.

My wishlist for 2010

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I’m not really one for New Year’s resolutions. I don’t smoke or drink coffee or alcohol, so those vices I don’t need to cut down on or quit altogether. I play tennis at least once a week, and have a Kung Fu/Tai Chi/Qigong class every week. I take the stairs whenever I can. And I also enjoy good food, which …

Listmania: the music of 2009, Herko edition!

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It’s that time of year again, where you look back and -well basically, make lists. So, in keeping with this wonderful tradition on the interwebz here’s my list of music related goodness of 2009. Award shows on TV keep the best for last in order to keep their audience hostage and their advertisers happy, but the web apparently doesn’t work …

New site for Child Support Ghana goes live!

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Finally, after many hours of work, the new website for the Child Support Ghana NGO and Dutch Foundations is live. Child Support Ghana is a non-profit organization based in the Upper West Region (UWR) capital Wa, Ghana, West Africa, who support needy children by providing them with a roof over their head, loving care, education and healthcare. This organization is …

I support web standards!

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It’s easy to show your support for web design done right. Beg, borrow, or buy a Blue Beanie (or Blue Toque in Canada) and snap a photo of your mug wearing the blue. (Or get creative with Photoshop). Then on November 30, switch your profile picture in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, (and any other social network) and post your photo to the Flickr Blue Beanie Day 2009 group.